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During my time at ZPG (Zoopla) I worked as part of a product team working on a project within the ZPG group called MoveIt. MoveIt is a CRM used by a large percentage of estate agents within the UK. The main purpose of the software was to allow estate agents to keep track of their customers property sale/purchase process while offering them products related to the moving process at key points in their journey. My role as UI/UX designer was varied and day to day I worked closely with the product owner to document, prototype and produce the UI for improvements within the web app.

UI Screens

One of the major projects I was involved in was to create a customer facing website (moveit.co.uk) that allowed users to go and generate their own quotes for conveyancing from a variety of local solicitors. Previously the estate agent would go and generate the quote and email them directly to the customer but by creating a dedicated website we were able to take this manual task away from the agent and put the customer in control of generating their own quotes. For this project I created a set of prototypes which we then tested on users within our UX lab at ZPG and remotely using online tools. Once we had validated our prototypes with users including estate agents and their customers I went and created the entire hifi UI journey using Sketch. Working closely with another front end developer, I assisted in developing the front end using HTML, CSS with BEM and the React JS framework.


I was also tasked with creating an icon suite that represented each service that we offered to customers along with other complementary icons for new features.

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